Revenge Porn, UN and Protests in Gaza, Federal Tax Credit for Scholarships to Private Schools, Texas Voters, NY and Facebook Data Access, Social Safety Net, Overtime, Unions and Lobbying, Methodists and Gays, and Water Fund and Onshore Conservation 03-03-2019
Justice Department and Times Warner Merger, Casino and Sexual Abuse, Chinese and Minorities, Paper Money Ban, Bail Bondsman in New Orleans, Ireland, Federal Prison Program and Wages, Domestic Workers, Southwest Airlines and Workers, Credit History, Arizona and Recess, and Mardi Gras Crews 03-04-2019
Justice Democrats, Vote with Me, Schools Evaluations, Sunrise Movement, Children and Suicide, Sanders Campaign Funds, Western Australian and Prisons for Fines, Women ad Combat, Bail, Financial Assistance, and Latinos and Lynching 03-05-2019