People’s News: Week of 2.7.22

PN3150.2.6.22. Mexico. Suicide. Tests. Homelessness. Jobs. Fraud. Australia. Apple. Schedule. Gas



Voice of the People: Week of 1.31.22

PN #3144 Electricity. Spotify. Egypt. Guns. Ballots. India. Greenwashing. Texas. Switzerland

PN #3145 Books. India. Donors. Vaccination. Soc Security. Child Support. Condos. Sec of State. Africa. Portugal. Abortion. Rent

PN #3146 Drugs. Bitcoin. Waste. Dom Republic. Ford. Trump. Prisons. EVs. Mid-terms. Recusal. Methane

PN #3147 Part-time. Imports. Italy. Taxes. Teaching. Brady. Virus. Unions. NFL. Oil

PN #3148 Congress. NFT. Opioids. HBCU. Starbucks. Ballots. Amazon. Post Office. Coal. Police. Greenwashing

PN #3149 NYT. Amazon. Cancer. Flowers. Rock n’ Roll. Impeach. Meta. Mercury. Austria. Food. UK

Voice of the People: Week of 12.06.21

PN #3089. Dole. Myanmar. Asylum. Abortion. Corruption. Health Care. Overdrafts. Ethiopia. France.
PN #3089. Dole. Myanmar. Asylum. Abortion. Corruption. Health Care. Overdrafts. Ethiopia. France. UAW.
PN #3090. Texas. Vaccines. Speech. Migrants. Snow. Globalization. Spotify. Apple. Emojis
PN #3091. Savings. Kellogg. Starbucks. Recruits. Foster. Wages. Coal. Nurses. BankTrack. Sleep. China. Doctors
PN #3092 Scientists. Veritas. Vaccinated. China. Sleep. Crypto. Dessert. Hospitals. Twitter. Soda

Voice of the People: Week of 11.29.21

PN #3082.. Honduras. Mobility. Prices. Switzerland. Smoking. Remote. Serbia. Books. Voting. Litter. Weight. Colleges. Recidivism
PN #3083. Amazon. Mandates. Resilience. Meharry. Australia. News. Prices. Honduras
PN #3084-Honduras.-Atlanta.-Royalties.-Smartphones.-Hispanics.-Guns.-Coastal.-Tesla.-Quits.-Covid-Cost
PN #3085.. Baseball. Baker. Books. Elections. Vaccines. Walmart. Earthseed. Honduras. Kurds. Camping. Max Wage. Masks
PN #3086.. Travel. Archeology. Movies. Abortion. Heart. Egypt. Sweden. Science. Tech

Voice of the People: Week of 11.22.21

PN #3074.. Landlords. Gas. Foreclosures. Sudan. Cuba. Unemployed. Housing. Myanmar. Congo. Memphis
PN #3076 Fed Reserve. AmE. China. Medals. Israel. Elections. Canada. Sleep. Mali. France. Taino. Football. Festivals
PN #3077.. Germany. Astroids. Voting. Vaccinations. Foundations. Nielsen. Google. Opioids. Strikes. Denim. GM-Tesla
PN #3078. Charlottesville. Arbery. NonProfit. Opioid. FAA. USC. Egypt. SSN. Graduates
PN #3079. Mortgage. Gerrymandering. Sweden. Russia. Solomon Islands. Dues. Games. Strikes. Immigration. NFL
PN #3080. Virus. Home Sales. Women. Iran. Vaccinations. South. Childless. Homestead Act. Baseball
PN #3081.. Honduras. Cars. Spain. Wages. Roma. AI. Births. Pain. Police. Mobility

Voice of the People: Week of 11.15.21

PN #3067 Violence. UAW. Kaiser. Athletes. Cuba. Evangelicals. Landrieu. Assange. Climate
PN3068.11.17.21. China. Teamsters. Ecuador. Belarus. Guns. Anti-bias. Virus. Boosters. Infowars
PN #3069. Hotel. Russia. Plastic. Scorpions. Chaco Canyon. Howard. Mandates. Amazon. Land Grabs. Democracy
PN #3070 Drugs. Gosar. Censure. Malcolm X. UAW. Anti-Vax. Clothes. Amazon. Second-Jobs. Greece. Bikes. Jan 6
PN #3071 Guns. Nurses. Apple. Bulgaria. Whites. Buildings. Defense. JP Morgan. Sex. Retail. Hackers. India. Fauci
PN #3072.Tennis. Ohio. Logging. Census. Gas. Jobs. Tourism. Delta. India. Supreme Court

Voice of the People: Week of 11.08.21

PN #3060Evictions. Nicaragua. Catholics. Unions. Gerrymandering. Business
PN #3061 Ethiopia. NFL. Telegram. Utilities. Starbucks. Estonia. Robinhood. Facebook
PN #3062. Travel. Truckers. Hockey. Politico. Trump. Moderna. Auto. Belarus-1
PN #3063.. GE. J&J. Facebook. Hatch Act. Emissions. Heat. NFL. China. Masks.
PN #3064 Vaccinations. Uber. Evangelicals. Flint. Ontario. Idaho. Reparations. O’Keefe. Teachers
PN #3065. Homeowners. Targeting. Tariffs. UAW. Hospitals. Quits
PN #3066 Facebook. Contempt. Plessey. Amazon. Farmworkers. Rerecording. Citizenship. Discrimination.

Voice of the People: Week of 10.24.21

PN #3046. China. Childcare. Renters. Food. Co-housing. Sudan. Electricity. Crime. Quits. Facebook. Australia
PN #3047. Amazon. Apple. Japan. Drugs. Sudan. Hong Kong. Tesla. Border Patrol. Teen Challenge
PN #3048.Adolescents. Brazil. Voters. Tax. Nuclear. Bridge. Sudan. Africa. Weather. Deaf
PN #3049. Housing. McKinsey. Voting. Energy Grid. Catholics. Welfare. Drugs. FEMA
PN #3050.Tesla. Meat. Prices. Covid. Immigration. SEC. Cuomo. Police. Texas. NFL. Migrants. Facebook
 PN #3051. Taxes. Retirement. Billionaires. Coal. RVs. Mergers. Rents. Florida. Korea. Kansas
PN #3052 Education. Mexico. Mandates. Debt. Roma. Investors. Nepal. Greece. Aztecs. Medicare

Voice of the People: Week of 10.17.21

PN #3038. Quits. Unvaccinated. China. Italy. Raises. Young Lords. Stagehands
PN #3039. Hospitals. Myanmar. Machismo. Hungary. Powell. Starbucks. Zillow
PN #3040. Gates. Sepsis. Senate. Mandates. IRS. Facebook. Brazil. So Africa. Haiti
PN #3041. Women. Nursing. Gerrymandering. Affirmative Action. Animals. Romance
PN #3042 Mandates. Methane. Migrants. Russia. PFAS. Vikings. Wu-Tang
PN #3043. Pittsburgh. Maine. Marriage. Amazon. Fed Reserve. Legacy. Mandates. Facebook
PN #3044 Phones. Bannon. China. British. Coal. TB. Texas. Debt. Women. Loans. Energy