Voice of the People: Week of 1.31.22

PN #3144 Electricity. Spotify. Egypt. Guns. Ballots. India. Greenwashing. Texas. Switzerland

PN #3145 Books. India. Donors. Vaccination. Soc Security. Child Support. Condos. Sec of State. Africa. Portugal. Abortion. Rent

PN #3146 Drugs. Bitcoin. Waste. Dom Republic. Ford. Trump. Prisons. EVs. Mid-terms. Recusal. Methane

PN #3147 Part-time. Imports. Italy. Taxes. Teaching. Brady. Virus. Unions. NFL. Oil

PN #3148 Congress. NFT. Opioids. HBCU. Starbucks. Ballots. Amazon. Post Office. Coal. Police. Greenwashing

PN #3149 NYT. Amazon. Cancer. Flowers. Rock n’ Roll. Impeach. Meta. Mercury. Austria. Food. UK