Jail and Mental Illness, Incarceration and Health Care, Claims and Employment Law, Mayor Pew in Baltimore, Borrowing for Health Care, Whistle-blower in the White House on Security, Race Tracks, Assisted Living and Doctors, and Wireless Carriers and Location Data 04-04-2019
Foreign Aid and Immigration, Dams in Brazil, Trump and Public Opinion, German Company and Bribes, HUD and RAiD and Affordability, Amazon and Dirty Dozen List, and Algerian President 04-05-2019
PM May and Brexit, Health Care Bil, Catering, Confederate Symbols, Bernie Sanders Fundraising and Other Candidates Fundraising, Walt Disney Lawsuit and Gendered Pay, Surprised Medical Bills, NC Republican Party, Alabama Prison System, Democrats, and Whole Foods Prices 04-06-2019
States and School Lunches, African American Mayor of Chicago, Jones Day Lawsuit, Diabetics, Barr and Mueller Report, Mormon Church and Same Sex Couples, Flight Compensation, and Campaigning 04-07-2019