Trump Administration and Sanctuary City, Pipeline Protestor, Sudan President, South Korea and Abortion, Utility Bills, Reading, Unions in Mexico, Walmart Settlement and Meal Breaks, NYC Bus System and Fares, Stores Closing, Prescription for Contact Lens and Steph Curry, and Brigham Young 04-16-2019
Brazil Ruling Party Investigation and Female Candidates, Tunisian Protests, Women and Spouses, PETA and Working Animals in Egypt, Women Harassed Online, Wealth, Rights Lab and Slavery, and Workfare Scams in Argentina and India 04-17-2019
Senator Bernie Sanders and Smear Campaigns, University of Buffalo and Hazing, Boycott of New York Post, Wealth and Race, NRA and UN, Veterans and Suicides, Protests in Sudan, US Production of Fur, and Extension Rebellion and Life Support Systems 04-18-2019
Asylum Seekers in Louisiana, Homo Erectus, Diabetes, VW CEO and Fraud, Ad Firm Sued and NRA, Trump Financial Records, UFCW Walk Out, Vietnam War and Hem, Indoor Lives, and BJ Wholesale Club Workers 04-19-2019