Minimum Wages, Earnings, Morgan Stanley Claims, Justice Department and Ford Motor Company, Mueller, Chinese and College Admissions Scandal, NRA Leadership, Texas Secretary of State and Voters and Citizenship, and Women in Sudan 04-28-2019
Women and Pay Gaps and Education and Unpredictable Hours, Trump Administration and Off-Shore Oil Drilling, Oliver North and NRA, Cannabis Jobs, Global Emissions, Resource Generation, Low Income Americans and Privacy, California and High Density Development, and Businesses and Tax Cuts 04-29-2019
Transfers and Remittances, Workers and Unnecessary Meetings, Strikes in 2018, US Counties and Immigrants and Income Inequality, Jeweler Sued, Taxpayers Money and RTA, Assisted Living, China and Bike Sharing, High Schoolers and Personal Finance, Student Loans, and Robo Calls 04-30-2019