Lending Startups, Californian Camp Fire and Utility Company, Domestic Workers in Mexico, Secondary Picketing, College Board and SATs and Economic Backgrounds, the MET and donations, North Koreans and Food Shortages, Air Marshals, Tax Evasion, and JP Morgan Chase and Hong Kong 05-18-2019
Mississippi Jury and Strip Club, Louisiana Legislature and Pollution Violations, Mayor NYC, Unemployment Rate in India, Waiting Lists for Public Housing, Recycling, EPA and Excessive Travel, SSA and Match Letters, Unions and Dues Revenue, Brexit Negotiations, and Generational Transfers and Taxes 05-19-2019
Happiness, Nonprofit College Costs, Missouri and Anti-Abortion Bill, Drought in Panama, Amazon and Delivery Service, 737, Tik Tok, Google Refunds on Ads, Home-ownership Rate, Customer Loyalty Programs, Gender and Pay, Commercial Free Childhood and Amazon, and CARE Attack 05-20-2019
Trump Administration and Drug Prices, Australian Chandler and Government Contracts, Adult Indian Immigrants, Returns, Flight Deaths, GPA and Taxes, VAT, Trauma and Hurricane Maria and Monkeys, Voucher System in Louisiana, New Home-Buyers, and Average Rent 05-21-2019