Robert Smith and Morehouse College and Student Debt, Voting Age, Tripadvisor, Millennials, Connecticut Minimum Wage, Teenagers and Instagram, Driving Deaths, Montenegro Elections and Russia, Kazakhstan Blank Sign, and the EPA and Health Risks of Air Pollution 05-22-2019
Trump Accounting Firm, Counties and New Jobs and Trump, Soda Taxes, Ukraine President and Parliament Elections, Chicago Mayor and Aldermen, Demands from Immigration Czar, Corporate Fines, Arabic Numerals, Duke and Medical Professors, Aging, HBO Viewing Record, and Amazon and Shareholder Resolutions 05-23-2019
American Researchers and Traffic Congestion, Pay Disparities and Paid Leave, DACA Decision, Malawi Albino Deaths, Driving Your Own Vehicle and Driver-less Taxis, Online Voting, McDonald’s Workers and EEOC, Netflix Subscriptions, Germany Refugee Activists, British Protestors and Milk Shakes, and Airline Mechanics 05-24-2019
Internet and Streaming and Rap in Russia, SAT Tests, NY and Trump Tax Returns, Chip Maker, Harriet Tubman 20 Dollar Bill, College, Indian Economy and Job Growth, Asian Voter Turnout, Rouge Emissions, UN and Austerity in Britain, and Federal Judge and Deutsche Bank 05-25-2019