Americans and Political System, Property Prices, Bank Overdraft Protections, Iran Strike, Turkey and Prison Population, Civil Marriage Case, Libido Drug, Death Row Conviction Overturned, and Deaths Rising 06-23-2019
Trump and Immigration, Environmental Protests in Germany, Land, Union Choice, Economy Improvements, Older Women, Tyson Foods and Plant-Based Foods, Medger Evers Home, Cannabis, and SEIU and Colleges in Florida 06-24-2019
Americans and Higher Taxes for the Rich, Mayoral Race, Writers Group and Amazon Counterfeits, Czech Republic Demonstrations, Wage Theft, Sugar Workers, Poverty Rates, and Spending on Drugs 06-25-2019
App and High Valerian, White Republicans and Non-English Language, Same Sex Couples and Home Loans, Conway, Trump and Sexual Assault, Progressives in House and Migrant Support, FedEx and Chinese Company, Honduran President and Protests, Stanford University and Housing, Trademark Registration, US Custom Border Official and Migrant Children, John Hopkins and Hospital Bill, and Electric Co-ops in Louisiana 06-26-2019
Leaving Netherlands, Lakeland Woman and Domestic Violence Case, Union and Asylum Officers, Auto Emissions and States, Class Action on Patient Records, Todd Young and Yes in My Back Yard Act, and NSA and Phone Data 06-27-2019