Desegregation in NYC, European Commission Documents, US Electricity, Tainted Drugs & Food, Scientists and Peer Review, Illinois and Private Prisons, LGBT Population, Streaming, Unemployment and Labor Force Participation, San Francisco and Menthol Cigarettes, and 50 Pound Note 07-15-2019
Trump and Minority Congresswomen, Political Party Polling, Green Party, Women and Period Products Tax, Census, Pollution, NRA Transfers Investigation, PM in Britain, and Women in the US Armed Forces 07-16-2019
Free Health Care, Shanghai China and Recycling, African Prisons Project, Armed Security Guards in Little Rock Schools, Planned Parenthood Director, NRA Top Donor, Trump and Opioid Crisis, and the House and Trump Racist Remarks 07-17-2019
Netflix Subscribers, Hawaii Elders Arrested, Impeachment Resolution, Government Accountability and the EPA, Voter Turnout, Public Offerings Tax in San Francisco, and Mexico and Migrants 07-18-2019