Ministers Online and Weddings, Incumbents, Taxes and the Poor, Debt and School Meals, White People and Status, Parking Garages and Housing, Autonomous Vehicles, and Abortion Referrals 07-19-2019
Unionized Bernie Sanders Campaign Workers, Equifax Settlements, Cleveland Opioid Case, Working Class States, Federal Prison Releases, Whitney Museum and Artists, and Safe Deposit Boxes 07-20-2019
Environmental Heroes and Gulf of Mexico Bay, Trump Supporters’ Comments, Labor Secretary, Land Dispute in India, Boeing, Voters and Ideology, and Uber and Lyft and Congestion 07-21-2019
Boomers and Conservatives, Golf, Chinese Investment in the US, Hong Kong Police and Protestors, Facebook Post by Gretna Police Officer, Dropping Children, George House Member and Harassment, and Marine Corps Symbol on Political Mailing 07-22-2019