Divorce Rate, California Water Systems, Toll Systems, Immigrants, Fusion in NY, Batteries, Sexual Abuse, Debt and Parties, Moroccans and Strawberry Fields, Back to School Shopping, Sweden and No Bail, and Philippines and Drugs 08-02-2019
Cargill, Brazil Prison Populations, LGBT Students, California and Debt Relief for Physicians, Capital One Credit Applications and Data Breech, Lets Make a Plan, Federal Minimum Wage, Wind Turbines, Women’s Rights in China, Pakistan Children, Flood Contaminants, and Human Skin and Radio Waves 08-03-2019
Cyber-attacks, Migration, California Lawsuits Against Trump, Free School Meals, Worker Pay, US Customs and Drug Smuggling Seizure, Working Age Adults, Drug Costs, Kidney Injuries, and Robin Hood and Lead in Paris 08-04-2019
Nixon and Reagan and Racism, Arizona and Opioid, Social Security Losses, Raising Wages, Podcasts, Bulgaria and Tax Data, Paris Museum and Opioid Crisis, Burka Ban, Running Water, Mortgage Lending Company, and Jaywalking 08-05-2019