Coal Burning Restrictions Lawsuit, Women of Color and Voters, Jail Guards and Epstein, Cape Town, and Heating Regions and Warming Rates 08-19-2019
Abortion Surveys, Immigrants to Canada, Diversity, Dissatisfaction, Annual Visitors to Civil War Battlefields, Paris, Lower Air Pollution Levels and Heat Waves, Artificial intelligence, South and Warming and Pollution, Justice Department and LGBT Protections, and Mississippi ICE Raid 08-20-2019
Newark Free Water and Lead, Citizenship Director and the Statue of Liberty, Labor Force and Working Parents, Dating Co-Workers, Alabama and Undocumented Citizens, Gender Equality, and Political Views 08-21-2019
Protestors in Austin, Israel and Banning Congresspersons, Amazon FC Ambassadors, Planned Parenthood and Family Planning, and Palm Oil Company and Migrant Slaves 08-22-2019