Weight, Tattoos, Arkansas Woman and Gun Charge and Football Card Case, Hunger in Africa, Segregated Schools, Gun Regulations, Energy, Work Commutes, Middle Passage, Jay Z and the NFL, and Lead Service Lines in New Jersey 08-23-2019
Capital One Data Breech, Argentine Government, Parents and Surrendering Children, Israel, Wells Fargo Closed Accounts, Myanmar and Forced Marriage, and Women in Afghanistan 08-24-2019
Jobs and Contracts, Violent Crime in Germany, Peaceful Protests in Hong Kong, Small Donors to Campaigns, Sharks, Malaysian Financial Scandal, Transgender Protections, Surveillance Systems, Georgia Voting Machines, and the NRA 08-25-2019
Uber Costs, Unpaid Miners, Thailand and Roads, Stealing Written Work, Boeing Firings, Police Officer in NYC and Eric Gardner, Planned Parenthood, Business Economists and Recession Fears, Business Roundtable, and Smartphones 08-26-2019