NRA and Congress, Elections and Watchdog Group, Newark and Lead Service Lines, NYC Schools and Desegregation, NRA and Private Airplanes, Grape Seed in France, Poor and Housing Assistance, South Korea Work Week, and Google and Self-Driving Car 09-01-2019
Cherokee Nation, SAT Maker, Hedge Fund Investor Presidential Candidate Spending, Brazilian Poll on President, Settlement on Rent to Own Case, PM in Britain, Trump Administration and Military Children, Methane Gas, Gerry Jones Raid, and NY Senator Drops Off of Presidential Race 09-02-2019
Caregivers and Women in the Workforce, Facebook and Political Candidates, Employers and NLRB and Subcontractors, New Delhi and Food Discounts and #LogOut, Lawsuits on Opioids, Hong Kong Arrests, Genetics and Gender Determination, and Archeologists and Land Use Date 09-03-2019