Red Meat, Beef and Pork, Facebook Fact Checking, Senior Citizens in NYC, Peru, McDonald’s and Wage and Hour Violations, Harvard and Race, Economy, Voter Registration in Tennessee, Hearing Aids, and Hospital Payments 10-04-2019
Hard Hat, Treason, Internet Access, Electric Scouter Rides, Greenhouse Gases in the Ocean, Global Warming, Chinese Consumers, Navy and Obesity, Climate Tracker, Religious Membership Fees, Honduras and Drug Money, and MGM and Shooting Victims 10-05-2019
EU and Facebook, Iraq Protests, Hong Kong and Mass, Ukraine and Biden, Senior Treasury Officials and Tax Returns, Pope Francis and New Cardinals, Canadian Opposition Party, Harris County Rain Events, and AG and Facebook 10-06-2019
Indian Central Bank, NY Daily News and Google Facial Scans, NY Schools and Robin Hood Funds, Hurricane Workers, Ukraine Meeting, Oxycontin Profits, Hong Kong Restrictions, UAW Workers, and Sanders Heart Attack 10-07-2019