Trump and House Investigation, Rails to Trails, President to Ecuador and Capital, Facebook Political Ads, Massachusetts AFL-CIO and Medicaid for All, Vandalism and Dakota Pipe Line, Garment Purchases, Waste, Alaska and Unions, Anti-Narcotic Campaign in Afghanistan, and Russian Protests 10-11-2019
Black Mayor in Montgomery Alabama, Mapping Program and Apple and Chinese Government, Ecuador General Strike, Environmental Impact, Citizens Council in Belgium City, Trump Associates Arrested, Germany and Hate Crimes, Romaine Government, Migrants Block Traffic on Bridge Near Mexico and Texas Border, EPA Lead Rule, and Power Cuts 10-12-2019
UAW Talks, CMS and Work Requirements, Wage Inequality in California, President Trump Accounting Firm and Tax Returns, Turkish Food Scientist Jailed, Boeing, Job Creation in Factory Sector, Socialism, and Hurricane Harvey Lawsuit 10-13-2019
Federal Judges and Immigration, Facebook and Cryptocurrency, Campaign Contributions, College Tuition, Pain, Chicago and Life Expediency, Hospitals and Money, Illinois and Privacy Act, Las Vegas Wedding Business, College Enrollment, and the Social Class of Children in Korea 10-14-2019