Amazon Effect, International Monetary Fund and China, Student Loan Borrowers, Greenhouse Gas Emissions, Privacy Tips, Google and Payday Lenders, UAW Strikers, India Grocery Market, and Ecuador Protests 10-15-2019
Spain Supreme Court, Fin Tech Companies and Loans, Levee Board in New Orleans, Trump Killer Video, Elton John and Eminem, Ancient Infections, Economics Nobel Laureates and Poverty Research, Kashmir Phone Service, South Korean Protests, Air Pollution and Miscarriage, and Kickstarter Union 10-16-2019
Ohio Purged Voters and Ohio Voter Project, Russia and Drug Testing, Dams, Women and Entry Level Positions, Baton Rouge White Suburb, Walmart and Accommodations Lawsuit, Brazil Space Research, and Younger Voters in Britain 10-17-2019
Thailand Judge, Indian Health Services, Drug Companies and Opioid Lawsuits, Elijah Cummings, Trump and Syria, Flaring in Texas, Impeachment Process, and School Shooting Lawsuit 10-18-2019
Teachers in Chicago Strike, Shift Project, Suicide Rate, Trains in London Underground and Extinction Rebellion, Bolivia, Home Builders, and United Kingdom and Brexit Deal 10-19-2019