Argentina Debt, Environmental Activist Assassinated, Oil and Gas, Boeing, NC Congressional Map, Jeremy Corbin, Amazon and Bangladesh Exporters, Ukraine Expert, Harriet Tubman and Civil War, Ultra-Processed Foods, and Scooter Company Juicers 10-30-2019
Nobel Laurette and Welfare Queens, College Athletes, Facebook Lawsuit, ACT Test, Opportunity Zones and Tax Breaks, Chile Protests, Lebanese President, Affordable Housing, Raising Seas, Hong Kong and District Council Seat, and Non-Profit Housing Organization and Union 10-31-2019
Working Families Party in NYC, Uber and Lyft in California, Broadcast Networks and Political Ads, TPS in El Salvador, Fathers and Sons, Washington Gun Sale Tax, PEW Research and Spiritual Beliefs, and the Emmett Till Memory Project 11-01-2019
Inspector Generals and Whistleblowers, Teachers’ Strikes, Emergency Savings, NYC and Green Spaces, MIT and Media Labs and Green Project, Human Rights Groups and Dead Activist in China, Johnny Walker, Forest Bathing, Wild Polio Viruses, and Pakistan and Health Care Spending 11-02-2019