Women’s Incarceration, Kissing and Bacteria, Black Farmers, Evo Morales, Russian Interference in Madagascar, Streaming, High Hazard Dams, Slave Reenactment, Overcharges, Census Bureau Database, India and Alcohol, Brazil Official Release, Flying Air Force One Costs, and Sanders and Latino Voters 11-14-2019
Louvre Popularity, Paid Family Leave, Bathrooms, Rick Perry Deals, Adolescents and Self-Harm, Gambia and Myanmar Genocide, Boris Johnson, DACA Case, Medical and Scientific Advice, and Facebook Bias 11-15-2019
Sustainability Funds and Oil and Gas Stocks, Deval Patrick and Democratic Primary, Trump Accounting Firm, Air Pollution Deaths, NY State and Undocumented Drivers Licenses, Steven Miller and Leaked Emails, Google Computer System and Discrimination, and Physical Fitness and Dementia 11-16-2019