NYC Police Stops and Race, Syracuse Fraternity Suspensions, Amazon Turk Platform, Retirees and Savings, EU and Minimum Wage, NFL Work Out, Easy Jet and Carbon Emissions, Chemical Plant in Louisiana, State Sponsored Terrorism Fund, French Bridges, and Flight Paths 11-22-2019
Chick fil-A Trouble, Baltimore Court Asbestos Backlog, Bolivian Protests, NLRB Employees Protest, Dollar General and EEOC Complaint, Assange Investigation, Epstein Death, and Short-Term Rentals and Home Sales 11-23-2019
Virginia Beach and Developers, Book Publishers and Illegal Downloads, Florida Motor Vehicles and Data Selling, Napping and Heart Illness, Bottled Water, Office Spaces, Scammers and Debit Card Numbers, Iraq Protests, Long Island Real Estate Agents and Discrimination, and Ukraine Testimony 11-24-2019