Student Debt and Renters, Voters and Chance, First Class Mail, Rent and Neighbors, Trump Administration and Risk Management, Employer Insurance, Suicide Rates in Federal Prisons, Israeli Poll on PM, Live TV Viewing of Impeachment, Hong Kong Social Movement, Indian Doctors, and Midterm Turnouts and Race 11-28-2019
Clinton Public School District, Homes and Seniors, Gold, Marathon Oil Refinery, Fossil Fuels, Census, Wealth Transfer, Unlicensed Dispensaries, Data Pulls, and Store Closings 11-29-2019
China and Homeless, Remittances, Hong Kong Elections, War Crimes, Taylor Swift, Trash Wheels, Google Firings and Union, Amazon Resistance, White House Counsel Testimony, Medical School and Income, London and Uber, and FDA and Sickle Cell 11-30-2019
NY Election Commission and 3rd Parties, McDonald’s Labor Dispute, Counties and Bank Branches, US Mortality Rates, Toddlers and Veggies, Measles Cases, Marriage Age, Saudi Arabia Arrests, Climate Change, Columbia Protests, and UK Homebuyers and Real Estate Agents 12-01-2019