Epstein Charity, Fertility Rate, Criminal Probe on Opioid Makers, SATs and High Schools, Jews, ESG Funds, AT&T and Verizon, Japan and Same Sex Marriage, Tech Giants and Surveillance of Muslims in China, and the FDA and Vaping 12-02-2019
Fake School and ICE, Mom Influences, UPS Workers Arrested, Voter Registration in Britain, Cash Transfers, Kenyan Land Exportation, and Coffee Beans in Sweden 12-03-2019
Concentrated Health Care Markets, New Orleans Traffic Tickets, Amazon Sales, Fake Reviews, Ukraine Borders, Nonprofits and Student Loans, India and Data and Debt Collections, President Trump and Trade Unions, Iraq PM, College Acceptance, Sudan, Water Access in US, Judges in World Trade Court, and California and Annexation of Cities 12-04-2019