Addictions in NYC, UAW Workers on Strike at Harvard, ICE Officers and Pepper Spray, Trump Administration and Work Requirements and Food Stamps, NATO Meetings, Streaming Subscribers, Iran Protests, General Strike in France, Hospital Prices, Wells Fargo, Catholic Abuse, and Schools 12-08-2019
Sprint and FCC and Lifeline Telephone Lines, Food Poisoning, GPS and Jammed and Scammed, Cuba and Bank Accounts, Nationality, Big Cities in US and Segregation, Denmark and Hard Ghettos, Workers’ Income, and Executions 12-09-2019
Blocking Charges and NLRB, Children Born in Malaysia, Political Parties, Pubic Advocate Community Organizers, International Student Assessments, PGE Settlement, Congress and Paid Leave, Amazon Counterfeit Goods, and Impeachment 12-10-2019