Iran Tensions, Berkley California and Natural Gas, Fossil Fuel Donations, Ghana and Cocoa, Mississippi Prisons Lockdown, Venezuela President and National Assembly, Boeing 737s, Jobs, and Hofeller Files 01-09-2020
Truckers and Walmart, Elderly and Longterm Savings and Health Expenses, South Korean Birth Rate, Oklahoma and Loitering, Prison Labor, College Athletes, Geriatric Doctors, Trump and Iran Culture Antiquities, Mexico Missing, IRS Audits, HUD and Low Income Housing, Australian Fires, and UAW and Racketeering 01-10-2020
Wisconsin Voter Purges, Assassination Ban, EU and Forced Labor, Boy Scouts and Sexual Abuse, Political Speech, Boeing and Flight Simulation Training, IKEA Settlement, Ethos Capital and .Org Domains, Disaster Emergency Sirens in Puerto Rico, Spain Socialist Party, Lead Poisoning Testing, and Employment, Wages and Suicide Risk 01-11-2020