Concert Ticket Prices, AirBnb and Safety, Miles Driven, House of Representatives and War Power, Iran and Ukraine Plane, Fishing, Kansas and Medicaid, Doorknocking and Voting, Tipped Workers, French Strikes, and Bankruptcy and Student Loan Debt 01-13-2020
Sunrise Movement and Bernie Sanders, Military Service, Trump Administration and Travel Ban, Iran and Ukraine Plane, Texas and Resettlement, Black Residents in Britain, Wages, Mary Ann Williamson, MIT and Epstein Contributions, US and Iran and Back Channels, Hospital Records and Google, and Chemical Plants 01-14-2020
Brain Disease and Memory, French Protests, Puerto Rico Earthquake, Pickle Ball, Taxpayers and British Monarchy, Tel Aviv Bus Travel on Sabbath, Nude Model and Australian Fire Relief, Hotel Employees 01-15-2020