Modi Government in India and Muslims, Government Revenue and Africa, Luxembourg and Recycling, Iran General, Editing Textbooks, Cleveland Indians, Taxis and LA Airport, New Hampshire SEIU Workers and Bernie Sanders, PTA Organizations and Funding, Newspapers and Facebook, and Iran Protests 01-16-2020
Catholic Bishops in Texas and Refugees, Bullet Car Sold, Joint Employers, CNN and NLRB Settlement for Camera Operators, Cory Booker Withdraws, LSU, Houston Astros, Air Pollution and Tobacco Deaths, Queen Elizabeth and Prince Henry, Cuba and Incarceration Rate, Wisconsin Judge and Election Commissioners, and BlackRock and the Environment 01-17-2020
India and Anti-Trust and Amazon, Israel, NBA and WNBA and Revenue, Korea, French Ballot Dancers and Pensions, Police Misconduct, GOP Senators and War Powers, Miscarriages, NSA and Tech Vulnerabilities, Enclosed Shopping Malls, Bus Fares, and India and Data 01-18-2020