Drones, Electronic Voting Machines, Female President, Unemployment Benefits, Tourists, Andrew Yang and Bennett Drop Out, Roger Stone, Egyptian Population, PM Modi, Spirit and T-Mobile Merger, Big Tech and Anti-Trust, and Couples and Household Chores 02-14-2020
Labor Unrest, Self-Neglect Cases, Y Chromosome, Despair and Mid-Life, Wells Fargo and Sexual Harassment Cases, Baby to Baby and Lower Income Mothers, Rural Electric Cooperatives in Louisiana, Germany and Internet Companies, Britain and Internet Content, Ireland Political Parties, Financial Institutions and Oil Sands Investment, and Premature Deaths and Air Pollution 02-15-2020
UN and Israeli Settlements, Planting Trees, Foreign Income, Free Technology Training, White Supremacists, Soccer Federation, Bloomberg Racist Comments, Justice Department, Iowa Democratic Party, and Arkansas Works 02-16-2020
Drug Settlement, Maine and Family Planning Network, Royal Bank of Scotland and Coal Financing and Oil and Gas, Unexpected Medical Bills, Online Sales, AG Barr, Trump Administration and Sanctuary Cities 02-17-2020
NYC Development, Pit Bulls in Denver, Malls, Medicaid, Reading Scores, France and Private Lives of Politicians, Black Rock, Trump Farm Bailout Program, Bloomberg Spending, New Housing, Commuting, Norwegian Welfare, and Royal Legacy and the Creative Industry 02-18-2020