Passports, Men Only Draft, NHS Workers, Health Insurance, Abortion Restrictions in Louisiana, Bloomberg, Homeless and Housing Costs, Workers and Paid Flu Days, Food Stamps, Gun-Related Deaths, Burnout, Nursing Homes and Coronavirus Deaths and Age 03-07-2020
Israel Political Party, School Closings, France and Uber, DEA and Honduras Cocaine Lab, Elizabeth Warren, Michigan and UAW President, Facebook and Trump Ads, Mueller Report, Death Sentences in Alabama, Visas to the US, and Oil in Ghana 03-09-2020
UN and Indian Supreme Court and Muslims, Home Mortgage Rates, Veterans Legal Clinic, Green Card Eligibility, Women on the Board, Woody Allen Book, Low Carbohydrate Diet, Trump Chief of State, Sandy Beaches, SXSW Cancellation, and Pandemic Events 03-10-2020
Union for Asylum Officers and Guatemala, Green and Black Engagements, Dementia and Languages, Blackwater and Spies, Louisiana Human Trafficking, China and LGBT Population, Marriott and Hyatt, Private Equity Homes, Aide Providing Organizations and Discrimination, Democrats and Liberals and Conservatives, and Mortality Rates 03-11-2020