Trump Administration and Insulin, Textile Waste, B Cash, Food Service and Paid Sick Leave, Sports Canceled, Stock Market Gains, Migrant Chinese Workers, Travel Ban, Muslims in India, Green Deal and Gadget Repair, Workers Quarantined and Unemployment, Facial Recognition, Workers’ Aid Package, and Bus Ridership 03-15-2020
Zion from Pelicans and NBA Shutdown, Space Mobile, Louisiana Primary Election, Hope Alliance in Austin, Barr and Training for Lawyers, Intensive Care Unit Beds, Toilet Paper Inventory, Travel Ban Expanded, Restaurants and Paid Leave, and Maine and Religion and Vaccine Exemptions 03-16-2020
Airlines and International Flights, NFL Players Contract Approved, Ghana President, Battleground States, Internet, Grandparents, Interest Rates, Israeli Political System, and School Systems Closing 03-17-2020