Seoul Freeway Reversals, Justice Department and Lawmaker Trades, UK and Restaurant Workers, Restriction Views, Informal Workers in Mexico, Romance Scams, Neanderthals Food, Stay at Home Orders, and Environmental Protections 04-03-2020
E-Cigs, Video Communications and User Information, Construction Projects, Defense Production Act, Indian Workers, Singapore and Phone Location Data, Family Earnings, Justice Department and FBI Wiretapping, Immigrant Households, Airlines and Passenger Data, and Idaho and Transgenders in Sports 04-04-2020
Guatemala Deportations, Workers, Florida Governor Stay at Home Order, WiFi and Airwaves, Moral Act of 1862 and Indigenous Lands, US Government and Medical Supplies, Unemployment, and Biden and Democratic Convention 04-05-2020
Wealthiest People and Limited Movement, Zoom Data Mining and LinkedIn Data, Surveys of Food Banks and Demands, Coronavirus Relief Package, Homeless Population, Job Losses, and Mortgage Services 04-06-2020
New Orleans Ellis Marsalis Dies, Hobby Lobby, Gun Sales, Automatic Payments, Undocumented and Health Insurance, Unemployment Benefits, Washington State Nursing Home Fines, and CDC and Masks 04-07-2020