Trump Administration and Reopening of Country, Reopening Phases, Stay at Home Protests, British Government and Test Kits, Work Shares, Loan Program for Small Businesses, Former Navy Secretary, Industrial Production, and Quebec 04-22-2020
TSA Screenings, Rainy Day Funds, Essential Jobs and Women, Nursing Homes, Covid Lockdowns and Tips, Remote Workers to Tulsa, Income Tax, Digital Tracking, Latin America and Unemployment, South Korea and Disease Shelf-Life, and Migrant Workers and Minimum Wages 04-23-2020
Federal Trade Commission and Covid Complaints, Widespread Depression, Working from Home, Covid Spread, Military Recruits, Indian Loan Repayments and Assistance, Nursing Homes, WHO and CDC Workers, Dropbox and Zoom Security, Shutdowns and Migrant Workers and Remittances, and Online Kindness 04-24-2020
Los Angeles and Free Meals, New Protest Tactics, Credit Care Spending and Uber, Public Meetings, Covid Infection Rates and Health Care Costs, Walmart Workforce, Supreme Court and Non-unanimous Juries, Hotel Revenue, and SBA Loans 04-25-2020
Museums Revenue, Unions and Teachers Hours, Pastor in Louisiana and Aggravated Assault, Mortality Data, Legal Migration, Housing Payments, Israel and Unity Government, Oil Prices, Google and News Content, and Orleans Parish Prosecutors and Fake Subpoenas 04-26-2020