US Marriage Rate, Oil and Gas Leases in Montana, SAT and ACT Test Scores and Covid-19, Insanity Defense, Job Loss and Low Income Jobs, Journalists Unions, NRA Problems, Telephone Conference Call Cases and the Supreme Court, Domestic Violence, Covid-19 and Wage Cuts, and Online Shopping 05-06-2020
Home Health Agencies and Layoffs, Nonprofits and Black and Latino CEOs, FDA and Covid-19 Antibody Tests, Covid-19 Deaths, Dinosaurs, Socialization, Extreme Heat, Mississippi State Auditors and TANF Program, Indian and Arabic Gulf States, and Hazard Pay 05-07-2020
Medical Supplies, Health Department Official Pushed Out, EU Economy, Spending on Ride Hauling Services, UFCW and Grocery Store Worker Deaths, Media in Philippines, Pandemic Panel, and Employers Closing and the NLRB 05-08-2020