Restrictions on Businesses, Cell Phone Data, IRS and Tax Shelters, Trump Supporters and Wages, Netflix and Streaming Quality, Gender and the Apocalypse, State Department Inspector General, Louisiana and Food Stamps, Lysol and Hilton, Rep Amash, and Trump and WHO Funding 05-19-2020
Credit Unions, Amazon and Warehouse in France, Unemployment Rate, Ban on Public Protests, Occupy Democrats Facebook Page, Republican Polling Volunteers, China and Loans to the Developing World, Supreme Court and Sudan Damages, Weapon Sales, and Black and Latino Business Owners and PPP 05-20-2020
Americans Labor Market, Louisiana Rural Coops and Internet, Commission and Overtime Pay, Covid-19 and Migrant Children, Malaria Drug and Covid, Broadband Companies and High Bills, Johnson and Johnson Baby Powder, Driving Fatalities, and Reopenings 05-21-2020
Burger King Masks, Hurricane Data, Big Blue Companies and Rent, Social Distancing, Senator Bernie Sanders Delegates, Unemployment Pain, Redistricting, Self-Employment and Unemployment Benefits, DeSmog, and South Korea Football League and Sex Dolls 05-22-2020