City of New Orleans Credits on Utilities, Airplanes and Hand Sanitizer, Ceramic Coating on Cars, Oxfam, Mail Ballots, Publication Layoffs, Netherlands and Pictures of Children, Covid Grant and Bats, CDC Rules and Nursing Home Deaths, Covid Deaths in US, Planned Parenthood Paycheck Protection, and Risk of Malaria Drugs 05-25-2020
Medical Patients and Covid Treatment, Florida Law and Fines and Fees for Felons and Voting, Vietnamese and Education, Cutting Pay, Hospital Chains and Payments, MLK 50 and Nonprofit Hospital in Memphis, and Digital Payments and Media Revenue 05-26-2020
Rats, Height and Gravity, Working African American Business Owners, US Military and People of Color, Deforestation in the Amazon, Hungary and Asylum Seekers, Meat Packing Workers, Chinese and Serving Spoons, Putin and Bonuses, College Costs, and Brazil and Covid 05-27-2020
Daycare Centers and Re-openings, Trump and NC Convention, Food Cards for Children, Commercial Mortgages, Mail Balloting and Voter Turnout, Supreme Court and Federal Prisoners in Ohio, Minneapolis Police Officers Fired, Twitter and Trump Tweets Labels, Concert Goers, Unemployment Insurance Funds, and Facebook and Divisiveness 05-28-2020