Charity Donations, Black Service Members, Iowa and Felons and Voting, Police Killings, Public Universities and Aide, Sit-Ins and Integration and Dr. MLK, and ACORN 06-18-2020
Spain and Minimum Income Plan, Bolton Book, Open Table and Outdoor Seating, Covid-19 Risk, France and Secularism, PGE and Guilty Plea, Police in China and Blood Samples, Freedom House Ambulance Service, Spending Per School, Britain and Free School Lunch Vouchers, and Aunt Jemima 06-19-2020
Pandemic Bailouts, Trump Opportunity Zones, Online Liability, National Park Maintenance, Businesses and Forgivable Loans, Target Wages, Facebook Advertising, Dreamers, Atlanta Police, Police Reform, Sexualized Harassment, and British Firms and Reparations 06-20-20
Facebook and Trump Ads with Nazi Symbols, Confederate Portraits, Premature Children, Unemployment Fillings, Loan Payments, Cell Phone Tracking, French Protests, Homeland Security and Domestic Surveillance, Barr, Alaskan Wilderness, and Climate Change and Mortgages 06-21-2020