Racial Interactions, Security Commission, Police Encounters, Antifa Threat, Wikileaks, Nursing Homes in Louisiana, Travel to EU, Elective Surgery, Peanuts in Virginia, Mecca, and Confederate Monuments 06-25-2020
Arizona Mega Church and Air System, Johnson and Johnson Payout, Facebook and Germany, Ad Boycott of Facebook, Public Health Protests, Hospitals, Skin Lightening Cream, Bond Money to City of New Orleans, Trump and Protests and Covid, RoundUp, and GMO Crops 06-26-2020
Disneyland Unions, Soviet Union and Flu, NYC Quarantine, Google Data, Retirement Fund Investment, Affirmative Action in California, Job Loss, Cell Phone Location Data, Eye Disease Treatment and Kickbacks, Minnesota and Climate Change, Higher Learning Admittance, and NIS and Grants and Sexual Harassment 06-27-2020