Expanded Medicaid, Bail Fund Donations, Working this Summer, South Dakota Tribe and Checkpoints, Hypodescent, Renaming Streets, Black Households and Wealth, Flooding and Property Risk, Seed Police, Polish Elections, and the Mississippi Flag 06-30-2020
Ebay Security Team, Intelligence and Charity, Global Covid Cases, French President Party, Louisiana Abortion Law, Online Hate Speech, Arkansas Prison Deaths, St. Louis and the Mayor, Medical Scientists and the CDC 07-01-2020
Summer Jobs for Youth, President and CFPB, Casinos, Facebook Boycott, Amazon and Frontline Bonuses, Vaccines, NY Visitors, Oklahoma and Medicaid Expansion, Racial Basis in Soccer, and States and Religious Schools 07-02-2020
Facebook Ad Revenue and Small Businesses, Spending in Restaurants and Covid, YouTube and David Duke Channel, Netflix Revenue, AFL and Police Unions, Hong Kong Arrests, Seattle Police in Capital Hill, Richmond Virginia Statue, Black Lives Matter on 5th Avenue, Class Divide and Happiness, Putin, and Ethiopian Singer’s Death Protest 07-03-2020