Food Insecurity, Mortgage Rate, Stimulus Payments, CT Vivian, Utility Fine for Bribes, Charity in Argentina, Bias in US Companies, Breaking Quarantine, Moving During Pandemic, Health Budget, Louisiana Rental Assistance Program, Food Stamps, and Jobs and Workers 07-21-2020
College Football Stadiums, Black Sea Coast, Medicaid Contracting Rules, Unemployed Workers and Jobless Payments, Disney and Facebook, Mask Wearing in Stores, Federal Enforcement in Cities, St. Louis Weapons Charges for Couple, and Meeting Attendees 07-22-2020
Race and Children After Surgery, Fortune 500 Companies and Political Donations, Frontline Workers in Louisiana, Economic Production, John Lewis and Selma Bridge, Confederate Names for Bases, Contract Tracking Apps, Chinese Companies and Human Rights Violations, Racism Walkout, and the NLRB and Offensive Behavior 07-23-2020
Federal Court and Guilty Pleas, Age and Sex Discrimination, Income Inequality, Moms in Portland Protests, Bakers Against Racism, Crimes Against Jews in Germany, Covid Infections, Trump and British Ambassador and Scotland Golf Resort, Planned Parenthood Clinic Name Change, Whole Foods Masks, Job Loss, Covid Deaths, and EU Stimulus Package 07-24-2020