Container Store, Emergency Room Visits, Brazil Deforestation, Hospitalizations, Museums, Statues at the Capital, Pregnancy and Gas Flaring, Burger King Lawsuit, Plane Emissions, and Clint Eastwood and CBD 07-25-2020
CDC and Native Americans and the Police, Surrogacy, Asylum in Canada, Disney Unions, Florida and Unemployment, Remote Learning, Working from Home, Florida GOP Convention, Portland Mayor, Stimulus Plan, and Cohen 07-26-2020
Unemployment Filings, Spending, Raising Cases, Sierra Club and Racism, Immigration Documentary, Sexism in Congress, Car Insurance, Walmart in India, Church in Nevada, NFL Players Association, and Vaccine Progress 07-27-2020
Portland Mothers, Spending, Michigan Auto Investments, Toronto Blue Jays in NY, Japan Obesity Rate, Trump and Drug Prices, Weapons Ban, Election Threats, and the WNBA 07-28-2020