Jane Fonda and Fire Drill Fridays, Postmaster General and Contracts, Rochester Police, Philippines and Seafarers, Suburban Voters, Biden, Children Defense Fund Leaders, Workers and Minimum Wage Law, Donations and Legal Work, Polling Among Troops, and Vaccines 09-07-2020
Adults of Working Age and Metropolitan Areas, Occupy Leader Dies, Rep Steve Scalise and Doctored Video, Biden Fundraising, Service Workers, Early Pension Payments, Freshmen Democrats, College Savings Accounts, Boating, Election Silence Laws, Counting Ballots, and Covid Death Rates 09-08-2020
Data Exchange, Catholic School Closings, Big Tech Companies and Leave, Lawyers and Financial Costs of Bankruptcy, Dams, Election Turnout, Covid Cases, Rock Musicians in Russia, Hungarian University, and Alabama Prisons 09-09-2020