Stimulus Checks, Retirement, Trump Properties, Schools, Presidential Elections in Africa, Actions on Immigration, Trump Ratings, Ballot Drop Boxes, World Food Program and Nobel Prize, Artists, and Electoral Votes 10-13-2020
American Cultural Treasures, Fake Check Scams, South Carolina Election, Walk Free, California Republican Party, Hydroelectric Measures, Pandemic Impact and Community Colleges, Computers at Homes, Hacking, and Belarus Protests 10-14-2020
Attorney General Barr, Minorities and Bank Loans, Masks, Facebook, Census, Drug Makers, Turkish Operative, Our Slovakia, Diversity Training, Governor of Virginia, Vaccine Trials, and Medicare Benefits 10-15-2020
Capital Spending on Energy, Face and Freedom Coalition, Starbucks, International Crisis Group, Poverty, South Asian Leader to Resign, Vietnam, and Immigrant Children 10-16-2020