Portland Police, New Orleans Mail in Ballot Boxes, Bicycles, Pilgrims Pride and Price Fixing, Tax for Homeowners, Texas Executive and Tax Fraud, Paramilitary Group, Mexican Official Detained, and JP Morgan Chase Accounts 10-17-2020
Judge Amy Barrett, Eating and Athletes, Pay Discrimination, YouTube and QAnon, Unemployment, Undergraduate Enrollment, Biden Town Hall, Department of Labor, Supreme Court and Undocumented Immigrants, New Zealand PM, Child Care Centers, and Covid Response 10-18-2020
Utility Investment, Insurance, Democrat Donations, Barr, Bolivians, Biden and Airwaves, Woman’s March, and Covid Cases 10-19-2020
Protests in Thailand, Worker Zone Highway Accidents, World Population, John Adams, Voting, College Students and Single Mothers, National Guard, US Employees and Workplace Safety, Poverty, Norway, Roe v Wade, House of Representatives, Credit Scores, and Giving 10-20-2020