California and Guns, College Voters, British Labour Party, School Closings, Shop-able Services, Republicans, Plastic Pollution, Abortion in Poland, Demonstrations, Voting, Phoenix Development, Rape in Egypt 11-01-2020
Federal Agencies and Fires, Postal Deliveries, Alcohol Consumption, Naturalized Citizens, Unemployed Parents, Lockdowns, Tanzanian Elections, Early Voter Turnout, PACs and Facebook, Law Enforcement Spray in North Carolina, and Niche Sports 11-02-2020
BLM Protests, Texas Supreme Court and Voters, NYC Protests, Small Countries and IMF, Hunger Hot-spots, Oklahoma and Non-Violent Felony, Gun Waiting Period, Meth Deaths, African Americans and Crime Concerns, Michigan Rallies, Suburbs, and the House 11-03-2020
Harris County Voting, Covid Cases, Clergy and Polling Stations, EEOC, 1 Million Vote Early, Indonesia Stimulus, Remote Learning, AP Election Projections, Medicare Patients, and Trump Support 11-04-2020
Vatican and Gay Marriage, BLM in Baton Rouge, Asian Americans, Uber and Lyft in California, US Election Undecided, Wetlands, Paris Climate Accord, President Ivory Coast, Robo Calls, Undelivered Ballots, and Working Families Party 11-05-2020