Wisconsin Purges, Assassinations, EU and Forced Labor, Boy Scouts of America, Free Speech, Boeing, IKEA Fines, Dot Org Domains, PR and Disaster Warnings, Spain PM, Children in California and Lead Poisoning, and Employment and Suicide Risk 11-12-2020
thics and Endangers Species, Virginia Population, Cattle Ranching, Bankruptcy Companies, Redeemers, and Skills and Equality 11-13-2020
EU and Denied Funding in Poland, No Voter Fraud, Unemployed Workers, Measles, Civil Rights Law, Twitter, Secured Elections, TikTok, Prices of Homes, Covid Records, and Rallies in DC 11-14-2020
Lockdowns, ACA Plans, Nigeria and Police, London Police Force and Diversity, Elections, Marlins and Female Hired, Wells Fargo, Fidelity Charitable and Volunteers, Donor’s Time, Peru Protests, and France and Islam 11-15-2020
Sports Teams and the White House, Trade, Trump Legal Fees, Bolivia and Covid Rates, Enclosed Cognition, Gray Wolves, School Meals, Restaurant Relief Fund, Charitable Activity, Rally in DC, States and Covid Cases 11-16-2020