Voice of the People: Week of 8.02.2021

PN #2962 Migrants. Hong Kong. Zoom. Carbon. Confirmation. Police. Rent. India. Columbia
PN #2963. Child care. News. POW-MIA. Olympics. Nursing Homes. Square. Mortgages. Walmart. Milky Way. Vaccinations. Charity
PN #2964 NCAA. Cuomo. EU. Lawyers. Amazon. Tyson. Gamers. Iraq. Evictions. Water. Mexico. Noodles. Vaccine
PN #2965 Union. Arkansas. Disability. Citizens. Louisiana. Democrats. Indians. Travel. Jan 6. Phoenix. Guns. Climate. Trucks
PN #2966 Farmers. Nursing Homes. Wi-Fi. Emissions. Trumka. Airlines. Nasdaq. Donors. Belarus. Whiskey. Phoenix
PN #2967. Columbia. Eviction. Cuomo. Facebook. Solar. Laundering. Russia. FAA. Hydro. Marijuana. Loans. Mask
PN #2968 Rent. Emissions. Wealth. Privacy. Postal. Kindergarten. Medicine

Voice of the People: Week of 7.26.2021

PN #2955. Moses. Indonesia. Truckers. Disinformation. Population. Commuters. C-section. Asians. Heat. QR. Tunisia. Samoa
PN #2956 . Hong-Kong. Couples. Frito-Lay. Homeschool. Disclosures. Surfside. Vaccinations. Mascots. Britney. Coffee
PN #2957. Gender. Ecuador. GMO. Flu. Heat. Jan 6. LGBTQ. Wu-Tang. Masks
PN #2958.Fines. Vaccinations. Guns. PPP. J&J. Vaccine. Blitzscaling. Migrants. Wages. Climate. Masks. Rent
PN #2960. Hospital. Infections. Amazon. Migrants. Baseball. Taxes. Vaccinations. Hours. Peru. Myanmar. Denmark
PN #2961.8.2.21. Afghans. Chile. Cars. Anti-Semitism. Epidemic. Debt. Isolation. Mortgages. So Africa. Housing. Trump

Voice of the People: Week of 7.19.2021

PN #2947 Walmart. Ireland. Marshall. Israel. Senate. Green Deal. Infections. Vaccinations. Servers. Jobs. TikTok
PN #2948 Russia Congress Indonesia Gas Children
PN #2949 Facebook Recession LGBTQ France

PN #2950. Packaging. Religion. India. Opioids. Taxes. Israel. Landlords. Life. Electricity. Cities. Retail. Gigs. Asians. Deaths
PN #2951 Recycling Arkansas. Wages. Hotels. Vaccines. Guns. Money. India. Fire
PN #2952 Fashion. NLRB. Robinhood. Space. Haiti. Abortion. Sierra Leone. Rent. Murder. Mortgage
PN #2953 Voting. Drilling. Forests. Arbitration. Floods. Migrants. Trump. Confederates. Vaccines. ACA. Tenants
PN #2954. Diapers. Baseball. Home Care. Mercola. Trout. Florida. Oklahoma. Pegasus. LGBTQ