Convictions and DNA, Facebook Videos and New Zealand Mosque Attack, Muslim Congresswoman, Minimum Wage, Strikes in Mexico, Teenage Vaping, Student Absenteeism, UN and Roma Families, Brexit Deals, and Split Jury Decisions 03-23-2019
HIV Infections and the South, French Law and Protests, Beto Funds, Duke University and Light Rail, NYC Schools and Black Students, Sexism, Business CEOs and Party Affiliation, Facebook and Local News, Kazakhstan Leader Resigns, Post-Partum Depression, Breast Implants, White Supremacists in Iowa, and Targeted Ads 03-24-2019
Roundup Lawsuit, Eggs, Sports Officials, Minor Party Candidates, Right Wing Political Party in Hungary, Ex-Felons in Florida and Voting, Obama Administration and Climate Change, Expungement, Google Fined on Anti-Trust Violations, and Facebook Passwords 03-25-2019