New Orleans Busing, Campaign Donations, Food Production and Greenhouse Gases, Frat Protest in Philadelphia, Bills on Rice, Maryland and Drug Expenses, Infrastructure, Home-buying for Millennials, and the Health Impacts of Contaminated Water 05-03-2019
Aboriginal Australians, Botox Injections, Hispanics and Movies, Immigration Court Backlog, Assange Sentencing, Baby Bonds and Lift Act, US Census Tracts and Race, Uber Drivers and Wages, Environment Shareholders, New Orleans Times Picayune, Drug Rehab Patients in Baton Rouge Plant, Baltimore Mayor Resigns, and Median Wages 05-04-2019
National Highway Safety and Driver Inattention, Warren Paid Staff, Facebook Bans, National Median Wage, Doctor Bribes, Well-Paying Job Cities and Lowest Paid Cities, NRA CEO and Travel, Oreo Wrappers, Ohio Congressional Districts, Unemployment, India Evacuations, and Social Security Fraud Calls 05-05-2019
Brexit Chaos, Republicans in Florida and Felons, Investing Network, College Admissions, Lead in the Top Soil, Marital Rape, Manufacturing Jobs, Anti-Poaching Unit in South Africa, Latin American Population and Murder, and White Collar Crime Prosecution 05-06-2019