Sexual Assault in the Military, Tariffs, Clicks on Google Trends, Albania Protest and Elections, Doctors at the Border, Racism Verdict for University, Per Capita Income, Women Killed, NBA Salaries, Red-Light Cameras, InfoWars, Debt in Britain, and Brazilian Corruption 06-13-2019
Single Use Plastic, Migrants Deal, Southern Baptist Convention and Sexual Abuse, Spirit and T-Mobile Merger, NYC Rent, Brazilian Doctors, American Mortgage Market, Chinese Travelers, General Strike in Sudan, Botswana and Same Sex Conduct, Russian Police, and the Arizona Teacher Trial 06-14-2019
Protests and Birth Right Trips and Palestine, Shadow Banks, Small Business Risk Loans, Charter Schools in New Orleans and Costs, Wisconsin Tax Credits, High Heels, Mass Attendance, Danish Consumption and Climate Change, and Deaths from Falls 06-15-2019