Renters and Homeownership, Public Sector Unions and Membership Loss, Energy Company Leak off the Coast of Louisiana, Nonprofit Hospitals and Debt, Adolescent Suicide Rate, Wealthiest Americans, Independent Bookstores, and Nursing Homes with HUD Mortgages 06-28-2019
Women Drivers in Saudi Arabia, Confirm Shaming, San Francisco and Vaping, Census Citizenship Question, Manifesto Project, Mixed Race Population, Teens and Employment, Utilities and Power Sources, Abortions, Elizabeth Holmes Fraud Case, Emails, and NRA Troubles 06-29-2019
Workers at Wayfair and Detection Centers, LED Lighting in Public Housing, Transit Crowd Size, Older Couples, Sperm Donor Children, Tariffs, Bone Fractures and Pain and Race, Gerrymandering, and Coal Mine in Australia 06-30-2019